Dog Shoot / 18 Apr 2023
Freya’s Pet Portraits

First off, let’s just get this out there straight off the bat. Freya is a diva! A diva of note!


The wild half of Freya’s pet portrait session

Freya and her humans, Chev and Nick met me at Delta, one very early morning. The light was magnificent, and so was Freya and her humans. But Freya also had some other plans for her pet portrait session. She decided the first half of the portrait session was her time to sniff and play. And I can’t blame her for that. In fact most pet portrait sessions end up with the dogs running around sniffing and playing etc for awhile before we get down to business. So the fact that this happened during Freya’s pet portraitsĀ  was no surprise. Luckily I had Chev and Nick to photograph. They kept me busy while Freya made guest appearances from time to time.

Please take note of Freya galloping around in the background!


During Freya’s short appearances we had to be quick. She would sit, lie down, or whatever, and we would quickly have to throw the human, or humans into place. I would quickly pose them and we would fire our shot. Before Freya was galloping off again.

… and then we also had to capture some of Freya off on her own mission doing Freya things.

I should just add here again; this is super normal. I think in all my time photographing pets, I’ve photographed one dog who was super disciplined and did exactly as asked 100% of the time. The rest of the time it’s an experience – but it’s also fun for the dogs! And as much as they know that something is up – it’s hard to miss having a massive camera pointed at you – this way they really aren’t too concerned about me being there. In fact, I’m pretty sure if you had to ask Freya if she wants another portrait session tomorrow she would be game! She is a diva after all. Right Chev? šŸ˜‰

The wild-ish part of Freya’s pet portrait session

And finally – again, like all dogs – Freya got to the point where being photographed was sometimes more interesting that sniffing every blade of grass.

So we could finally get her to sit with us occasionally and get some more portraits of her, and some of her with her humans. And even some of her going for a walk with her humans.


When she decided to wonder off and take a break from being a top model, we captured some gorgeous photos of her humans being top models.

Before we wrapped up, Freya made sure we ended on a good note, getting some super cute photos of her with her with Chev & Nick.

Of course here she had to do a cute one looking up to her dad, her absolute favourite human!


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