Animal Shoots, Horse Shoots / 17 Feb 2023
Liesl & Linda’s Horse Portraits

I’m totally jumping ahead on my blogging que with Liesl & Linda’s Horse Portraits. But these are photos you are going to want to see!

We had every intention of doing this session last year. And then somehow luck was just not on our side and we ended up having to push this shoot over to 2023. And then on the day we booked in it rained. No it poured. Every year I have one client who just has bad luck with the weather. This year it was Liesl & Linda. 

The day started out beautifully and then just before I was ready to leave home the heavens opened up. I knew Liesl & Linda were already at the stables so I decided to head out despite the rain. Since the storm appeared like a typical summer storm, out of nowhere, I figured it would leave like a typical summer storm, pretty quickly. 

By the time I got to the stables, the worst of the storm was already over. We stood around chatting (and letting some horse snack on my hair) while waiting for the weather to decide what it was going to do. And within a few stressful minutes, the rain had stopped enough for us to start taking photos. 



I can, and do (and love) shooting in the rain. So that was always an option. But when it comes to horses (and all pets actually) I prefer to avoid it as much as possible. There’s a higher risk of things going wrong, like a horse slipping in mud and getting hurt. Or the owner/rider slipping and getting hurt. And while there is a whole range of super awesome photos I could get in the rain, a dry horse does tend to look better than a drenched one. Same thing for the owner/rider. Had this been a wedding or a special event and the only time slot we could photograph was in the rain, I totally would have photographed. And loved it. And the pictures would have come out awesome! 


Having lost some precious time we got stuck right in. And as we worked the storm clouds moved on and we were bathed in the most beautiful evening light!

When the horses also decided to have some fun

And while we were having fun capturing beautiful photos, the horses were having fun being full of nonsense. 🙂 Ok not really – this actually happens pretty often during pet shoots when the pets owners are nervous. The horses pick up on these nerves, and then they get nervous too. I assume they don’t realise that I am what they are supposed to be nervous about, because well, I’m really not that scary. And neither is my camera. So they are super aware of everything else, trying to figure out what they should be nervous about. And in this instance, I believe it was a suspicious looking blade of grass.

The positive side of all this is that this is that now, Capibara can vouch for me, that even a blade of grass blowing in the gentle afternoon breeze is scarier than having your photo taken. So what are you waiting for? Come book your photo session 😉


Even more fun with some epic portraits

Quite a while later, we started to run out of daylight and I decided to pull out my own light, and we had some fun capturing some more artistic photos with these beauties.

 Get in touch if you want photos like what we got at Liesl & Linda’s Horse Portraits!

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