Mia’s Matric Dance Portrait Session

Another cooking hot day, another matric dance – Mia’s matric dance & portrait session.

This beautiful young lady and I met at Johannesburg Botanical Gardens on a very sunny, very hot day. But damn doesn’t she look amazing! I, as always, arrived early to do a quick scout and managed to find the ideal spot for the day. The shadiest tree, that had a great breeze, that was close to the entrance so that Mia, in high-heels didn’t have to walk too far, and that also didn’t have too many people around. This is 100% why I can’t help myself arriving at places early. Even if I have photographed somewhere a million times, I always like to try find the best fit for the day. Taking into account how hot this day was, that it was just after midday, that Mia was wearing heels and that the park was full of people, this really was the absolute best spot.

And so the portrait session got underway!

And today I thought I would share just a few tips with you around portrait sessions.

  • If you are planning on wearing heels and you don’t often wear heels, bring a pair of flat shoes along. Start off by wearing your flat shoes and just let your photographer know that you have heels that you plan on wearing. Heels are beautiful, and yes, often they make us feel better. But I can help you feel like a million bucks even without heels. And I would rather you save your feet for walking¬† into your matric dance or dancing your heart out later in the evening.
  • If you (or anyone who is joining you for the session) struggles to walk, or has impaired movement etc, let your photographer know. This way I can suggest locations, poses, shoes, outfits etc that are more comfortable, leading to a more pleasant experience.
  • Let your photographer know who is coming to the shoot and then let them know about who is coming. Is there a best friend who has been a best friend for years? Is there extended family? Is the family super close. Is there any drama between anyone to the extent that they can’t be photographed next to each other? etc. All these little details help me ensure that your portrait session runs more smoothly. And most importantly, that you get the photos that will mean the most to you out of it at the end of the day.
  • If you have any particular photos that you love, share them with your photographer. Be it the posing, the style, the lighting, anything. Don’t be afraid to tell your photographer exactly what you like.
  • Be super honest with your photographer, and maybe even over share a bit. Share with us what you love about your body. I prefer to keep things positive, so although I’d rather hear you raving about how fabulous you are, if you can only see the things you dislike about yourself, share those too – and I will show you how incredible you are. Posing, lighting, camera angles, lenses used in different ways can do all sorts of wonderful things to show you the best of you – and luckily for you, everything on that list is my responsibility. So chat to me and let me help you use my powerhouse of skills and show you the best damn photos you have ever seen of yourself! BOOOM!

So that list started out super practical and then I got carried away. But seriously, every single one of you are amazing and are incredible. And when you can see that, you will be frikken unstoppable. And who doesn’t want unstoppable awesomeness??

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