Dog Shoot / 21 Oct 2022
Willow’s Pet Portraits
Look at this little cutie, who I was lucky enough to meet, cuddle, play with while capturing Willow’s Pet Portraits. This little bundle of (initially clean) fluff arrived as a ball of energy. But she was still able to show off some of her newly learned sit, paw and down skills. Before she then tore off on some new exciting adventures. Oh, and apparently shoe laces are apparently quite exciting when you are a young dog! And of course rolling over in any sort of dirt is a thrill. But, we wanted some calmer more ‘posed’ portraits than any wild running dog style photos for this portrait session. But the reality (despite what you might believe in the photos) was that little Willow didn’t care much for sitting still. And, like most dogs I photograph, really didn’t care much about sitting in my ‘pretty’ spots of light. But with Willows hu-mom’s help and a few very short lived spans of attention we managed to grab Willow’s pet portraits that we were looking for. Despite being far off from the spots I would have preferred. That was, until a dirty little Willow’s energy levels plummeted. And she went and lay under the table where she could, quite literally, be right in the middle of all the activity. And she lay there struggling with all her might to keep her little eyes open and watch everything that was going on. When even that became too much effort for little Willow, we wrapped up any photography we had left to do, and left the sweet little girl to rest. And I imagine the next time I do pet portraits for Willow, she will be significantly bigger! And I’m sure she will have many more tricks and new skills to show off for me 🙂

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