Shenitta’s Headshot

Meet Shenitta 

Shenitta plays an integral role in the company Impactful Future Leaders. A company aimed at helping the youth of South Africa not only find their voice, but learn how to use it effectively and confidently to enforce necessary change. They teach leadership skills, self-mastery skills as well as debating skills. And as a result they have students walking away with more confidence and who are better prepared to succeed in life. 

The whole aim is to offer todays students the skills the founders wish they had been taught before they left school. And Shenitta is on a mission to help them succeed. 

Shenitta is amazing. She is incredibly bright, she is creative, and she is driven. She is also kind, caring and confident.

I’m so excited to watch her journey in the next few years. This lady is going to go places! 

So, how did Shenitta end up in front of my camera getting her headshot; Well, Shenitta had never had a professional branding photo taken of her and once she heard about my personal branding photos, she instantly realised this was something she needed to have done. 

Here’s what Shenitta has to say about her portrait experience: “Tamryn is absolutely amazing. She made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. The process of booking to taking to viewing the photos was efficient and easy. Thanks Tamryn!” 

Has Shenitta’s headshot reminded you that you are also in need of a headshot? I have my last headshot day of the year coming up on the 28 October 2022. Go book yourself a slot before they all sell out!

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