Dog Shoot / 29 Jul 2022
Finn’s Pet Portraits
A few weeks back I met up with my lovely friend Sarah and her sweet fur-child Finn, to update Finn’s Pet Portraits. Since Sarah and her parents got Finn, Sarah has had to move out of her family home and moved away. Leaving Finn with her parents. And of course Sarah misses sweet Finn terribly. But luckily for me, that means she comes back to visit him often, and so I get to see her! But while on this trip visiting home and while chatting about how much she misses Finn, Sarah also mentioned how much she loves going through photos she has of him. When Sarah first got Finn, we also did a pet portrait session with him, and Sarah shared how much she loves going through those photos in particular. And so I’m super excited to see how much joy these new photos bring her. 

About Finn:

And this time, to change things up a bit on this blog, I asked Sarah a few questions about Finn. 

1.Tell me a bit about how you got Finn & why you choose rescue over buying from a breeder.

Our first ever family dog was a Canis africanus (pavement special) named Pinky from a rescue organisation in Joburg. She changed our lives in so many ways and when she passed away we were left with a big doggy shaped void to fill. My mom put her name on the waiting list to adopt a Labrador from lab rescue a few months later. I remember asking her everyday whether she’d heard anything from them yet and I spent my afternoons scrolling through Labrador pics on their Facebook page. The day finally came when our family had to pick a pup from the new litter which was being fostered by one of the Lab rescue volunteers. I was at work on the day so could only contribute to the decision making via our family WhatsApp group- it was flooded with cute photos of all the puppies and eventually we (my mom) made the decision to adopt the one with the blue collar, which we (my mom) named Finn. 

2. What are some of your best memories with him?

When he was a puppy he used to sleep in the curve of my neck every night- it was so cute! I also have very fond memories of taking him to puppy school every Saturday morning- he was not a very good student and I’m not sure how he graduated but it was a wonderful bonding opportunity for us nonetheless. It was here that I learnt he was far more interested in food and other dogs than listening and responding to my “sit!, stay!, come here!” demands.  I also really enjoyed taking him with me to the school I worked at when I lived in Joburg- the children always lit up when they saw him and played soccer with him during break time- he was a real therapy dog for them!

3. Does he have any quirky/funny traits?

Yes, he absolutely loves to play football, and if he sees anyone playing with a ball at the dog park, he runs and joins in! He also has a habit of barking at objects he sees on his walks, such as a statue of a lion outside someone’s house, and a big rubbish bag full of garden clippings!

4. What is Finn’s all time favourite thing to do?

Sleep! Whenever I ask my Dad what Finn is doing (I moved to Cape Town last year so I don’t see him every day anymore), he tells me Finn is sleeping after his “busy” day of walking and eating. It’s a dog’s life!

5. What is the funniest or naughtiest thing Finn has ever done (Can you tell me the story of what he has done)?

Finn is obsessed with ducks. Whenever we walk him at Emmarentia, we have to put him on the lead when we get close to the dam so he doesn’t jump in and chase them. He has never caught a duck, and I doubt he would know what to do with one if he ever did, but we have had some very close encounters and once he goes into “duck mode” there is absolutely no way to coax him out of the water until he gets bored or tired. 

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