Headshot Day

I recently hosted another headshot day.

I only host 4 headshot days in Johannesburg a year and they give small businesses, that are not yet ready to do a full personal branding session, the opportunity to come in and get a professional portrait taken.

Every business, no matter what line of work, needs to have professional pictures. These headshot days give every business the opportunity to get the ball rolling on improving their branding image.

Dawie – Next Gen IT Solutions

Dawie is the owner of Nex Gen IT solutions. A company designed to help you with pretty much any and all of your IT needs. But their special focus is around cyber security and helping you ensure all your, and your clients, data is safe and secure.

Gadifele – Gadmo Cleaning Services

Gadifele is the owner of Gadmo Cleaning Services. But don’t let the name fool you, they do more than just clean (which obviously they do amazingly). Cleaning is their speciality, but they are also available to help you pack up, or unpack your house, or even send out a handyman to help you with small jobs around the house or office. If you are moving or have just moved – get in touch with Gadifele and find out all the ways Gadmo Cleaning Serivice can help you.

Judy Wilkins – Wilkins Attorneys

It didn’t take me long after meeting Judy to realise that she is passionate about her work and helping others. That she got into law for these exact reasons. Judy is genuinely kind and caring. And I know for sure if I’m ever in trouble I definitely want her at my side fighting for me rather than against me! You can find Judy at her practice, Wilkins Attorneys.

Dr Odayar – Veterinary Ophthalmologist

This is another lady who you can see just loves what she does. Dr Odayar is not ‘just’ and ordinary vet. She has gone on to become one of only 4 (I might be wrong here, but I’m 90% sure that’s what she told me) specialist veterinary ophthalmologist in South Africa! She’s pretty incredible. So incredible that I’m also not going to give you her contact details, because you will need to be referred to her through your own vet. 😉

Warwick – Minuteman Press Strydom Park

Warwick is the co-owner of Minuteman Press Strydom Park. These guys are actually my go to guys for a lot of my marketing material printing (business cards, flyers, gift vouchers, etc). They are super to work with – their service is amazing, their turn around times are amazing and most importantly, the quality is superb. When Warwick mentioned to me that he needed a new portrait, I was delighted. He had had professional branding portraits taken before, but it was clear that they were taken quite awhile ago. And like almost everyone who steps into my studio, Warwick was nervous and not particularly excited to have his photo taken. But he soon relaxed and we captured a variety of images for him to choose his favourite ones from. 



Another client who was very hesitant to have her photo taken. Wilma reached out to me because she realised that she was in serious need of a branding portrait. But she had been putting it off. When I first spoke to Wilma she expressed how much she hates having her picture taken. Despite her concerns Wilma and I had a lot of fun taking her portrait. And of course, she was delighted with the end results!

Wendy – Smokenders

Wendy is the owner of Smokenders! She was a smoker for years and after managing to quit, she realised that she wanted to help others do the same. Through her own experience Wendy realised that there is more to smoking than meets the eye and has ensured her courses address all aspects of the habit to help her clients break away from the harmful addiction – and stay away from it! 

Wendy and I had a load of fun capturing a range of different portraits for her to choose her favourites from. Wendy loved her photos during her viewing. And judging by her surprised reaction, I’d take a guess and say this isn’t how she usually feels about photos of herself. 


Dewaldt – Handyman Hotline

Dewaldt owns the company Handyman hotline. He has carefully selected and trained a team of incredible handymen. But he didn’t stop there. He has made sure these guys are top notch. They offer incredible service, their communication is on point, they are punctual and trustworthy. They have clients who live and spend the majority of their time overseas, and who have given Handyman hotline the keys to their South African homes for Handyman Hotline to go in and do what ever needs to be done whenever necessary – and that’s exactly the type of service providers they are.The type you can trust to go in whenever needed and get stuff done, without you having to worry at all. 

Dewaldt came to me, having never had a professional personal branding photo taken. And like almost everyone who stands in front of my lens, he was super nervous initially. But as always, I helped him and guided him on how to stand, how to place his hands and even coached him through different facial expressions. Here’s what Dewaldt has to say about his photo experience: 

“Not having done this before I was rather nervous and apprehensive but Tamryn guided me through the process and I am very happy with my photos.”

Monica- Neolife Distributor

Meet Monica. Monica has a passion for helping people and is on a mission to help educate and supply everyone, especially moms, with Neolife household products that don’t contain any harmful chemicals that could be effecting them, their kids, their pets and even the environment as a whole. 

Monica wishes she knew about these products when she was raising her own kids, and in an attempt to not have any other mothers having the same regrets she has, she has made it her mission to educate moms on the healthier options available. 

Yolandi – EBI Law

Meet Yolandi. Yolandi was admitted as an attorney in 2011 and as a Notary Public in 2012. She obtained her right of appearance in the High Court in 2014 and subsequently specialised in intellectual property, commercial legal support, guidance and leadership for commercial matters, including contract development, drafting, reviewing, management and negotiating of intellectual property, general commercial contracts, technology, joint development and vendor agreements.

You can find out more about Yolandi and EBI Law here.

Lorrainne Doherty – Author, Engineering Ethics Lecturer

Meet Lorrainne. Lorrainne came to me as she needed a new photo for her book that was about to be launched – Engineering Ethics in Southern Africa. 

Lorrainne told me from the start of her headshot session that she really does not enjoy having her photo taken (most of my clients tell me this) and by the end of the photo session Lorrainne was having a blast! Yup, I know. That’s hard to believe, but go check out my reels on Instagram – we even did a little video to prove it to you all.

David Fryer – McCrystal Insurance

Meet David, an insurance broker. David has many years of experience within the insurance industry and has a special focus and experience with insuring luxury items, such as boats, jetski’s etc. If you need help getting an insurance broker who really looks after you, reach out to David Fryer here.

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