Headshot Day

I recently hosted another headshot day.

I only host 4 headshot days a year and they give small businesses, that are not yet ready to do a full personal branding session, the opportunity to come in and get a professional portrait taken.

Every business, no matter what line of work, needs to have professional pictures. These headshot days give every business the opportunity to get the ball rolling on improving their branding image.

Dawie – Next Gen IT Solutions

Dawie is the owner of Nex Gen IT solutions. A company designed to help you with pretty much any and all of your IT needs. But their special focus is around cyber security and helping you ensure all your, and your clients, data is safe and secure.

Gadifele – Gadmo Cleaning Services

Gadifele is the owner of Gadmo Cleaning Services. But don’t let the name fool you, they do more than just clean (which obviously they do amazingly). Cleaning is their speciality, but they are also available to help you pack up, or unpack your house, or even send out a handyman to help you with small jobs around the house or office. If you are moving or have just moved – get in touch with Gadifele and find out all the ways Gadmo Cleaning Serivice can help you.

Judy Wilkins – Wilkins Attorneys

It didn’t take me long after meeting Judy to realise that she is passionate about her work and helping others. That she got into law for these exact reasons. Judy is genuinely kind and caring. And I know for sure if I’m ever in trouble I definitely want her at my side fighting for me rather than against me! You can find Judy at her practice, Wilkins Attorneys.

Dr Odayar – Veterinary Ophthalmologist

This is another lady who you can see just loves what she does. Dr Odayar is not ‘just’ and ordinary vet. She has gone on to become one of only 4 (I might be wrong here, but I’m 90% sure that’s what she told me) specialist veterinary ophthalmologist in South Africa! She’s pretty incredible. So incredible that I’m also not going to give you her contact details, because you will need to be referred to her through your own vet. 😉


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