AnaStellar Headshots

The team at AnaStellar updates their headshots:


About the brand:

I couldn’t quite grasp all the medical jargon that went on, but very basically Anastasia went through some serious difficulties during her pregnancy. After ending up in hospital for an extended period of time Anastasia realised that there was a need to formulate additional medication more pregnant women. Medication that helped women go through what she went through. Being a pharmacist Anastasia knew just what was needed. And so the AnaStellar brand was born. Of course they didn’t stop there though. They continued (and still do) to formulate additional prenatal and other nutritional supplements.


About the Shoot:

During the consultation I had with Anastasia we realised that we needed to pay closer attention to the message they were currently conveying to the viewer. And then how we could adjust that to fit better with their brand. And of course their brand values. After planning out the shoot and a range of poses that would fit better with their brand the team came in to have their portraits taken. The whole process was quick and painless. And actually quite fun! And on top of that, the AnaStellar team now has headshots that better suit their brand.



How I can help you:

Are your business headshots outdated? Or, even worse, non-existent? I think if there is anything this Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s the importance of digital platforms. I’m sure I wont be the first to tell you this, but your business needs a website. And you need to show your face on that website. And that picture can not be a low quality unprofessional image.

On top of that, you should take into account what message your image is conveying. What is the pose saying about you? Are the colours of your clothing and the light colour conveying the right message? What are the background elements saying? What is the lighting saying? A good professional image will ensure all these questions have a pretty neutral response and aren’t chasing away clients. But why not use your image to attract clients? When you know exactly what you want to say and who you want to attract, let’s chat and we can make sure your image conveys that message.



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