Maria, Andree, Zander & Dumel Matric Dance
Maria, Andree, Zander and Dumel were headed out for their matric dance. And of course they needed photos. I love it when matric dance students decide to have photos taken with their friends and family and not just their partners. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this topic come up a few times.

Why I think you should have matric dance photos with your friends and family too:

Very basically, I know it’s a massive day for matric students. But it is also a massive day for their parents. And those parents deserve to have photos taken with their kids. Those photos will also continue to increase in sentimental value as the kids move away from home to go to varsity, start jobs, and eventually start their own families. Having photos with high school friends is also huge. Let’s be real here, high school friendships have a higher success rate than high school relationships do. And then those photos with your friends increase in sentimental value, while the ones with a partner at the time decrease. Photos gain exponentially in sentimental value over time – if done right. And I’m all for that value an image will hold in years to come. But that doesn’t mean that the shoot isn’t a load of fun. This bunch was a blast, and they were really up for anything. We eased into the shoot and nailed the ‘must get’ shots before we had some more fun playing with different lighting, including other friends, getting some different shots each individual wanted etc. Oh and how can I forget – getting photos with the cars.     For more write up like Maria, Andree, Zander & Dumel Matric Dance, head on over to my full blog page. Do you want to have a photo session? Head on over to my different package options, or get in touch and I will explain all your exciting options.

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