Racheal’s 16th Birthday Party Portraits
So Racheal’s 16th birthday party portraits was probably one of my favourite shoots.  Racheal and her closest friends got dressed up to go out to dinner to celebrate her turning 16. And of course, before they went out they had to have some photographs taken. I need to start off by saying how blown away I am by how nice and kind this group of girls is. I have photographed a bunch of matric dance groups, friends birthday groups, done friends shoots etc. But I have never come across a group like this before. I have never met such an incredibly supportive group of school girls before. It was really an absolute pleasure to photograph each and every one of them. I photographed the group of girls. And then I rotated through the group making sure I photographed each girl with each friend. And of course I couldn’t resist doing individual portraits of each of them either. When it came to the individual portraits I would position and pose them and as soon as I got them into their pose I would hear the girls behind me collectively hooting and cheering on my subject and telling them how good they looked.  And they continued to do this for every one of their friends, for ever photo and every pose. It was amazing to witness and have the opportunity to photograph a bunch of teenagers who are this supportive of each other. If you are also interested in having portraits like Racheal’s 16th Birthday Party Portraits taken? Get in touch and let’s discuss your photos. If you want to see some more lifestyle portraits and shoot I have done, head on over to my lifestyle shoots portfolio.

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