Family Shoots, Portraiture / 22 Jun 2021
Linnell Family Portrait Session
I started the Linnell family portrait session by discovering that the kids were pretty nervous to have their picture taken. They had only had school pictures before. And they thought the sound of a family shoot was quite scary. So I kept chatting to them while making sure they realised that even if my camera looks intimidating, the person behind it isn’t so scary. We stopped walking for a bit and took a few pictures but it was along a busy path. I could instantly see the girls were more interested in everyone (and their pets) walking past than in my camera. So we took a few shots and walked a bit more. And chatted a bit more. We got a bit more into the middle of the park where it was quieter and there wasn’t as much going on. Here we got some stunning shots of each of them with their parents. And even managed to get a few shots of them together before they discovered the jungle gym.     I love the jungle gym. I often try head for it on any family shoot that includes young kids. It’s a great way for them to spend a few minutes having some fun while I get to snap a picture or two of mom and dad. And, of course, it never hurts to get a few action shots while they are having fun. Then when they have had some fun and got rid of just a tiny bit of all that excess energy kids always seem to have, I get to take some beautiful individual portraits. Lastly, the mandatory covid, masked up, picture.   Location: Delta Park¬†

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