Kim & Ashleigh’s Mother’s Day Shoot

Kim & Ashleigh’s Mother’s Day Shoot

Kim & Ashleigh came to me to have a mother/daughter shoot on Mother’s day. They were both felt a bit awkward in front of the camera and like 99% of my clients, had no clue how to pose or what to do. I quickly got to work helping pose them and guide them through the process.  How to sit, where to look, how to place their hands etc. After just a few minutes I could see both Ash and Kim relax. We chatted while I photographed and posed them and I got to capture some stunning portraits. I really love these shots. I love mother/daughter portraits. It’s a very special bond some mother’s and daughters are privileged enough to share and I love being able to capture that bond in a single image.   Below you can see their folio box I printed. These folio boxes are incredible. They can be used as they are to display the images, allowing you to rotate which image to display, or you can use the mounted prints inside to frame.     To book your shoot like Kim & Ashleigh’s Mother’s Day Shoot or your mother / daughter shoot get in touch!

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