Animal Shoots, Dog Shoot / 29 Jun 2021
The Meyer Family Puppy Shoot

Do you really need me to tell you how amazing a puppy shoot is? 🙂

Well, i think this is one, the Meyer family puppy shoot blog, I really don’t actually need to write.  I know, from the messages I received, that everyone knows that doing a puppy shoot is amazing. Nothing is better than being asked to spend time with a litter of puppies. To photograph them and capture their cuteness.

Let me tell you anyway

This shoot really was just a load of cuteness. I arrived at they Meyers house and as I walked through to their back garden, their lawn was just littered with puppies. (Haha, see what I did there!). But seriously, they were everywhere. And as soon as they saw me they all came running towards me. So I sat down to say hi to them all. I usually spend some time getting to know the dogs I photograph, before I just start pointing a camera at them. But I don’t think these little ones would have been afraid if I had just started shooting away. But anyway, I sat down to say a quick hello, and next thing I just had puppies all over me. They climbed onto my lap and as more tried to push their way on, the others just climbed up me. I just ended up having a whole litter of puppies on me. Some sort of hanging onto my hair, another thought my ear looked like a good chew toy. One thought my jacket sleeve would play a good game of tag of war. It was the cutest thing. And a sad realisation that in order for me to do my job I had to get them all off me.

Puppy Problems, but not really.

Eventually I did manage to drag myself away from their cuteness to grab my camera and start taking some shots. Now the first tip to get a great dog shot, is to get down low, to eye level with the dog. But these were puppies. Eye level was just a few cm above the ground. And every time I knelt on the ground puppies would come for me from all directions. (Yes, I know, nice problems to have.) So my strategy was to walk into a spot where I knew I could kneel down for a few second before I got puppy pounced. And then also to try photograph a puppy that hadn’t noticed me just yet, so I would capture them looking more natural. I think the biggest help was that the family was outside too, so instead of me being the only exciting thing for the puppies they had 4 other exciting human beings. And the other human beings played with them. I had to keep moving away from them to get a shot. Of course I did still give them a little scratch and cuddle every time they did get to me. And of course, there was a cat, and the cat was super intriguing. Every time the cat made an appearance, they went on a mission to find out what it was and if they could play wit hit. Dog mom and dad were around too. Occasionally the puppies would go to feed, but other than that they were surprisingly disinterested in their mom. I think their mom also enjoyed the freedom and the opportunity to play ball for a bit.   And even the feathered & feline family had the opportunity to pose for some pictures for me. This really was a super fun shoot. Getting to spend this time with a litter of cute little puppies. And the only thing I’m now not sure of, is wether I should be proud or disappointed in myself for not going home with a puppy.  

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