Amber, Ben & Ollie’s Dog Shoot

I absolutely love doing dog portraits and Amber, Ben & Ollie’s dog portraits was no different.

The shoot started off the same way all dog shoots do – with the dogs all running around super excitedly. There was a new human to sniff and meet (me) and they knew something was happening, but they weren’t sure what.


Amber, I would say, was the most excited! But she was also the most curious and intrigued to find out what was going on. She would run around the garden, and play and then sit. These few seconds were the perfect opportunity for me to capture some nice shots of her. It also helped hugely that she was absolutely fascinated by any funny noise I made and would instantly look at me.

Ollie & Ben

Ollie & Ben were interested in what was going on, but were a bit more reserved and weary. Neither of them wanted a camera pointed at them either. Ben slowly started to relax more and joined Amber running around the garden. Ollie’s chose to rather stick close to me. Too close for me to fire off some shots, but close enough that he could get love & pats at every opportunity.

 The shoot began

As the dogs started to calm down and realise I wasn’t actually as exciting as they thought, I was able to start capturing some stunning shots of them.


The Cat

I can’t for the life of me remember this poor sweet cats name! But he was the sweetest little guy. Brian warned me that he is very skittish and that I would probably really struggle to get a decent shot of him. As soon as we managed to get him into the room I quickly fired off a couple shots. But after chatting to Kiara and Brian a bit more while he was in their laps I noticed he wasn’t looking too stressed. He actually looked pretty relaxed. So I carried on chatting while keeping an eye on him.  A short while later he casually walked around and posed for some stunning pics!

He eventually relaxed so much, he even came to me for some love!



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