Jordan & Brandon Matric Dance Photoshoot
Matric Dances are always super special, Jordan & Brandon matric dance photoshoot was no different. It’s always so special to see these young couples interacting with each other. From a posing point of view, I always have a little laugh at matric dance shoots. For example, ask a couple to face each other and before you know it they will both be in hysterics. There is always that underlying nervousness in the couples at matric dances. I find this a lot less in wedding couples.   These two beautiful young people, they had organized a little pre-drinks get together at a local estate restaurant specially for Jordan & Brandon matric dance photoshoot. But the restaurant was packed and there must have been at least 10 other matric dance couples at the venue.  Of course this just made things even more awkward. We moved out into the gardens, but there were kids everywhere. Families were all hanging around and then of course all the restaurant patrons trying to see what was going on. I found us some spots with shrubbery in the background and as much privacy as possible and managed to snap some cool natural looking shots. Jordan was an absolute champ in front of the camera (it must be all the practice these youngsters get from taking selfies ). She really didn’t seem phased by all the people at all.

Close up of young couple in formal attire standing together

Venue: La Combo Lifestyle Estate


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