Alex Matric Dance Photoshoot
I am so in love with these shots from Alex’s matric dance photoshoot! You might recognize Alex, you should, she has featured on my blog before, along with her sister and her mom. You can find the post here.  I’m sure I said it back then, but I, WOW. This family has to be one of the absolute nicest families have I have photographed. They are the sweetest and kindest people. Having known the family for awhile and knowing how down to earth and genuine they all are, it was an absolute treat to get to meet the extended family – it was also no surprise that they were all just as sweet and gentle hearted. There is no question as to the love shared among these family members. Having the opportunity to capture such genuine pure love is always an added bonus to my, already special, job. Having had the opportunity to get to know this family a bit of the years, I was very curious to know what Alex’s plans were for her future. The most common response I hear when I usually ask matric students this is, “I don’t know”. Or sometimes the person will say something a career that I could never imagine them in (but take into account that I don’t always know my clients that well when I do ask this question). This time however, I was delighted to hear that Alex wanted to study to become a teacher after matric. Out of all the people I know, I can’t think of any person better suited for this job. I can’t wait to continue watching her journey through life, but especially watching her flourish in her chosen career path.     Venue: Featherbrooke Estate  

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