Portraiture / 14 Nov 2017
Alicia & Jaco Couple Shoot
I am so fortunate to always get such amazing couples contacting me for shoots. Alicia & Jaco Couple Shoot was no different. They had a rough idea of what they wanted, and Delta Park fit their description. So off to the park we went.

I usually find woman a lot easier to get comfortable being photographed than men. But, in this case, Alicia has some modeling experience and it clearly showed in all her photos. She is stunning and together with her comfort in front of the lens we were guaranteed to get some super stunning shots. But, her ease also helped get Jaco more comfortable a lot quicker. It’s 100% normal for my couples to feel awkward at first. I always count on this. So, usually the first 5-10 minutes of a shoot are all about getting the couple comfortable in front of the camera. Some couples take a bit longer. And some, like on Alicia and Jaco couple shoot, they get comfortable more quickly.

Some quick advise on why you should have a couple shoot before your wedding day

Just while we are on the topic of couples being uncomfortable in front of the camera I feel this is an important time to add some additional information. I always recommend that my wedding clients take the time and make the investment in doing a couple shoot before the wedding day. This comfort in front of the lens is one of my main reasons I recommend it. And, here’s the kicker, the more anti doing a couple shoot you are, the more important it is that you have one.

I have found that every single one of my clients who I have done a couple shoot with before their wedding day – are easier to photograph on their wedding day. They get comfortable in front of the lens quicker. They interact with each other more naturally. Posing tips don’t need to be re-explained and demonstrated. A quick verbal reminder works. And most importantly they interact with my camera more authentically.

Still not convinced?

Here is a scenario: Your ceremony is running late. You are cutting into your portrait time. There is a storm on its way. You have 10 minutes to get your outdoor wedding portraits done.

I can of course shoot indoors and continue with your portraits there. BUT, the majority of my brides have made their venue choice based on how beautiful the venue is. They want photos outside, in the gardens, next to the lake, in the forest etc. Now imagine I have 10 full minutes of you interacting with my camera, in comparison to 10 minutes of me trying to help you relax in front of the camera while still being stressed about the storm coming.

But back to Alicia & Jaco Couple Portraits

The love these two share for each other was so evident during this shoot. They way they would hold each other and look at each other really was exceptional and definitely made it so much easier for me to photograph them! That together with how down to earth they both are and how easy it was to chat and get on with them both meant stunning portraits were guaranteed.

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Venue: Delta Park 

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