Portraiture / 31 Mar 2016
Lana & Enver’s Couple Shoot

These are my kinda people!

We had so much fun doing Lana & Enver’s Couple Shoot! I know we not really supposed to have favourites. But this type of couple has to be my favourite.  They love each other so much and you can instantly see it.  They are constantly laughing and joking with each other and its simply impossible to not have a good time around them.

Letting out the crazy

I really should tell you about the whole shoot but I can’t resist skipping right on to the part about the puddle. The amazing, gorgeous puddle! We had just started the shoot when I quickly asked Lana and Enver to hold on for a second. I wanted to go look at a puddle :/.  I had spotted this puddle on the heli pad when I arrived. They looked a bit confused, but told me to go ahead and have a look. So off I went. It was amazing! Gorgeous!

This is when Lana and Enver seemed to start getting a bit worried about my sanity. So, I semi explained to them why a brown, dirt filled puddle was so incredible. And even though they nodded their heads and smiled at me I sensed they were still not quite convinced. So we carried on with our shoot and decided to go back to the puddle later.

This was a rookie error on my side. I have learnt that normal people in the world don’t see everything the same way us crazy photographers do. And maintaining my clients trust in my abilities is always vital. I know I should have nailed a few crackers shots before getting over excited about puddles. But I am human. A crazy human obsessed with creating magic for clients. Sometimes I get a bit ahead of myself and let the crazy out too soon.

My puddle

So after the ‘normal’ shooting was done – we went back to my puddle! I set up my lighting and got them posed. They still didn’t seem to believe me 100%, but trusted me enough to let me do my thing. I started to shoot away. I pretty much never show people images on the back of my camera screen, but since I sensed they needed a tiny bit more convincing I went ahead and showed them an image. They loved it! And of course changed their opinion about brown dirt filled puddles not being so exciting!




Location: Indaba Hotel 

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