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Maritia & Ryan’s Wedding


Getting to Maritia & Ryan’s Wedding

Off to Maritia & Ryan’s Wedding we go. We turn off the tar road onto this dodgy looking sand road. We both have this half frown on our faces. Sort of saying, but not being brave enough to say out pound, “are you serious?” or worse, “are we getting lost?”. The land on either side of the road is bare, with just a few tufts of grass here and there, occasionally a field of veld, and an add tree here or there. The sand on the road and all around us is red. Not just a reddish-brown- it is red. I don’t generally have anything against red sand, but this is a wedding we are on our way to photograph. A long white dress plus very red sand equals long white-turned-red dress!

Oh, and this couple had decided to have their couple shoot before the ceremony. I love this idea usually. But, I strongly recommend couples plan their day around the shoot so that we can still get the best light possible for the shoot. This couple hadn’t done that. So, we do still have a ton of tricks up our sleeves to still get great portraits at midday, but it helps to have nature on our side. In other words, have some shade and some trees.

So we keep driving and driving and driving. finally we find the venue a way up the very red road. And guess what – There are trees! Not too many. But enough in some areas to get some photographs in the shade.

So we smashed the couple shoot!

I’m going to just go ahead and skip over all the finer details of the ceremony.

If you read this blog often, or know me you will know how much I love cake and dessert. So much so that the idea of getting cake and dessert every weekend is what convinced me to try out wedding photography.

Just after the ceremony the couple go and cut the cake (with cupcakes) which has to be photographed. Right after that it’s time for family photographs. Now I have a dilemma. Do I photograph the cutting of the cake; and then go straight to family photos and just hope, pray, hold thumbs, and cross fingers that there will be a cupcake left over. Or do I photograph the couple cutting the cake, and then grab a cupcake. Which would then leave me with option 1: Eat it, or option 2: Hide it.

Well, I could under no circumstances risk the chance of missing out on my cupcake. So I had to pull some ninja moves. Photograph the couple cutting the cake, grab a cupcake, find a hiding place, hide it, run back. No, reverse. Go eat that cupcake before the staff find it and eat it. Then run back to help photograph the family photos.

My day was made – I got my cupcake.

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