Model Shoots / 07 Dec 2015
James Model Shoot
My first ever male model shoot! ….. Actually my first ever model shoot all on my own :0
I was quite nervous when James first contacted me asking me to do a shoot for him, but a few weeks later we got together to discuss the shoot and I knew it was just going to be a blast!
1. It was at the Vaal Dam (I love the Vaal Dam!!)
2. It was on a yacht
3. Look at his eyes!!!!!
So after having to suffer through a few months of torturing excitement, I got got to do the shoot! 😀 I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better model for my first model shoot. James was so incredibly patient and so willing to try out my crazy ideas to get a cool shot!
TamrynLowe-127 TamrynLowe-126 TamrynLowe-125 TamrynLowe-124

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