Horse Shoots / 07 Dec 2015
Caity & Horses

I dont know what it is about this girl and the shoots I do with her, but I always absolutely love the photos that I take when I work with her.
I did a shoot with her years ago when I was still learning the very basics of photography and I took a portrait of her that became my favourite photo for almost an entire year. After doing this shoot I went back and compared the photos from the first shoot I did with her to this shoot. I was super impressed with the improvement! I used to a wall in my house covered in photographers. Ever photoshoot I did, whether it was a paying client or just me fooling around, I would print my favourite photo. They were all stuck on my wall in the order of dates that I took them so that there was a constant wall for me to see my improvement, If a photo that was up there stayed my favourite for too long, I knew it was time to organise a model and do a shoot where I could push myself to improve. It was an amazing way for me to boost my confidence when I got to see the improvement, but more importantly, it was an amazing way for me to constantly remind myself to push the limits always!

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