Old Main Brewery
08 Dec 2015

Food AND Beer! What could be better! I went up to Hilton to do this shoot for a local brewery. It was super amazing! The atmosphere in the place is

River Place Food Shoot
08 Dec 2015

I’ve shot a few weddings at this venue, and the service and food has always been amazing – more amazing than just normal amazing wedding food. And the staff have

Petits Fours
07 Dec 2015

I love love love food! Like am obsessed with food. But on the whole I stick to stuff I know and normal sort of stuff. So when my uncle took

Beach Bar Cocktails
04 Dec 2015

  I’m a bit worried about writing about this shoot on my blog for potential clients since the only thing I can really remember about this shoot is how we

Loafers Deli Food Shoot
04 Dec 2015

  This was the first food shoot I had ever been asked to do and got paid to do. I was so terribly nervous! I had shot quite a bit

17 Nov 2015

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