Food / 04 Dec 2015
Beach Bar Cocktails


I’m a bit worried about writing about this shoot on my blog for potential clients since the only thing I can really remember about this shoot is how we tested every drink along the way.

This was a relatively new bar in our town and one of my best friends was dating the owner so I knew they didn’t have photos of their cocktails and I knew I had an in to be he one to photograph them. It was also quite soon after I bought my studio set and so I went through the phase where I truly believed everything had to be shot with studio lights for it to look good!

TamrynLowe-3317 TamrynLowe-3318 TamrynLowe-3319

So I arrived at the bar and took over a huge part of the bar just with my set up and then I had to claim half the staff to make me drinks and keep the props coming. I even had an assistant to boss around and tell where I wanted what and how to use certain props. It was definitely a fun shoot!


TamrynLowe-3321 TamrynLowe-3322


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