Food / 04 Dec 2015
Loafers Deli Food Shoot

This was the first food shoot I had ever been asked to do and got paid to do. I was so terribly nervous! I had shot quite a bit of food before, but it was all stuff that was either just bought at a shop or that was home made. To make it a little bit more difficult, there wasn’t really anywhere to shoot. The shop was also still open while the shoot was happening so I couldn’t really go and move too much stuff around to make a good working area, and in the end I ended up working outside the shop. And I think much to the horror of those inside the little coffee shop I ended up putting food on the floor for many of the photos just so that I could get a different background.

TamrynLowe-3298 TamrynLowe-3299 TamrynLowe-3300 TamrynLowe-3301 TamrynLowe-3302 TamrynLowe-3303

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