Andiswa’s Dinner Party Portraits
17 Jun 2022

Wow, wow, wow! This fabulous family really knows how to put together an incredible celebration. And after listening to some of the speeches given, it couldn't have been for a

Lana & Enver Wedding
15 Jan 2017

The Party Crashers Lana & Enver Wedding had international party crashes! Picture this: Half way through a wedding reception and next thing some foreigners walk in. One in the brightest

Mimi’s Portraits
18 Dec 2016

Party time Mimi’s portraits was followed by a huge party. and if anyone deserved such a lavish party, it was definitely Mimi. She is the sweetest and most well mannered

KHOSA Hockey
06 Dec 2015

Once I had decided to definitely stay in Joburg, I thought I might as well start getting my name out there. Advertising is expensive and I don’t feel its the

Kiddies Cricket
04 Dec 2015

Haha! The main thing I remember about this was getting lost on a train. And I’m not even sure that it was the same visit. But I’ll tell you the

17 Nov 2015

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