Events, Party, Portraiture / 18 Dec 2016
Mimi’s Portraits

Party time

Mimi’s portraits was followed by a huge party. and if anyone deserved such a lavish party, it was definitely Mimi.

She is the sweetest and most well mannered lady I have had the privilege of meeting in a long time.

Hopes, Dreams & Goals

Mimi is a dancer from one of the dance studios I photograph. And what a dancer she is- she is one of the studios top dancers.

I always love chatting the the people I photograph. I love learning about people. Especially about what gets them out of bed in the morning. What lights the flame in their souls each day.

Young people are especially fun to talk to. I find as the people I talk to get older they are filled with more self doubt. And they see more obstacles than opportunities. But youngsters are full of ambition and passion to live a life they would love. With Mimi it was no different, so of course the moment we started to shoot Mimi’s Portraits we got into a full conversation about her goals and dreams in life. I wish Mimi all the success in her plans on becoming a model and inspiring the youth of tomorrow from a glossy magazine cover.

The successful and inspiring people I meet

Occasionally I come across an adult, who has put aside any self doubt. They have tackled every obstacle they are faced with and just gone for it. Mimi’s mom, Walda, is one if those people. Meeting and chatting to Walda was a highlight of this entire shoot. The lady is an inspiration. Walda owns her own successful business and is all about empowering woman. With her entire team being made up of woman!

Not only does Walda have the power and grit to run a hugely successful business, but she too possess the talent to decorate and throw one hell of a stylish party!


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