Hockey / 06 Dec 2015
KHOSA Hockey
Once I had decided to definitely stay in Joburg, I thought I might as well start getting my name out there. Advertising is expensive and I don’t feel its the best way to get clients. So instead I thought it better to go out and take a few photos of many people, but get to meet them and chat to them. So this was one of those instances. I decided to go photograph one of the teams last games for the season, I got to meet them all and then chat to them and I also sold the photos to those who wanted so it wasn’t at all a waste of time.
TamrynLowe-12 TamrynLowe-11 TamrynLowe-10
TamrynLowe-9 TamrynLowe-8 TamrynLowe-6
TamrynLowe-5 TamrynLowe-4 TamrynLowe-3
I enjoy photographing sport, it’s fast paced and you have to constantly be aware, but at the same time you get to concentrate on the photos 100%. There is no posing, there’s no conversation at that moment so its really all just about taking the pictures.

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