Events, Portraiture / 17 Jun 2022
Andiswa’s Dinner Party Portraits

Wow, wow, wow! This fabulous family really knows how to put together an incredible celebration. And after listening to some of the speeches given, it couldn’t have been for a more deserving lady. Hard working, driven and dedicated, but also the trusted, loyal and caring figure everyone looks up to and turns to. And I say everyone, because it really wasn’t just her family & friends, but her families friends to. It really seems to me that Andiswa has a positive impact on everyone who is lucky enough to cross paths with her.

Andiswa’s dinner party was a formal and fabulous affair held at Houghton 1938. An exclusive and of course absolutely beautiful venue. And the most delicious food and decor was done by the lovely Sandy, from Sandy’s.

And then of course I was there taking portraits. Which is what I want to chat to all of you about.

When should you have a portrait photographer at an event? And why should you?

I honestly don’t think there is ever a time when you would regret having an event photographer at your event. I even used to photograph little kids birthday parties. And parents would have albums made & print photos. And sometimes see some of those parents still sharing those photos on their social media to this day. So if you are putting together an event, seriously consider getting an event photographer out.

But when should you have a portrait photographer at your event? As simply put as I can I’d say at any formal event. And then depending on the event you can alter and adjust the hours you want your portrait photographer to be there.

These incredible people who attended Andiswa’s dinner party were all impeccably dressed, and really enjoyed having professional portraits taken of themselves. Added to that was that this was a surprise party. So While everyone was arriving and hanging around waiting for Andiswa to arrive, they got to spend some time having portraits with their families and friends.

While at this party I was chatting to a guest who had recommended to Andiswa’s daughter (who was organising the party) to hire a photographer. After recently having a photographer at one of her events she knew the value of professional images. And she put it so simply but so accurately, “Having professional pictures just makes all the difference” and I couldn’t agree more!



The Stunning Venue

And just an example of some of the food!


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