Ushaka Security & Fire Projects Personal Branding Portraits

Manica from Ushaka Security & Fire Projects and I got together to capture some incredible personal branding portraits. Manica knows how incredible her products and services are, and wants to make sure that those who need her can find her online! But Ushaka Security & Fire Projects isn’t just Manica. Manica has an incredible and experienced team ready to support their clients. And we wanted to highlight this in their branding photos.

So here are some of the faces behind the brand. The people who work hard to ensure that Ushaka Security & Fire Projects clients are looked after at all times.


And of course the gorgeous and driven Manica:

Manica and I had a little chat and then I asked her some questions about her business and life as a business owner;

“Being in the security industry in South Africa has it’s challenges.  You either regarded as a one man band with a vehicle and a ladder or you seen as a corporate who subcontracts all of their works to the man in the vehicle with his ladder.  

Our business isn’t either one of these.  Ushaka Security & Fire Projects prides itself on having it’s own team and business premises where we operate from professionally and effectively.  Our core services include the installation, commissioning and maintenance of access control systems, vehicle barriers and turnstiles, camera devices and software as well as fire detection for businesses.  Our core markets are warehousing, commercial, health industries and retail.  

The Ushaka Security & Fire Projects teams are all certified and accredited to deliver on successful commercial projects on time and within budget.  We have offices in Gauteng, Kwa-Zula Natal and the Western Cape.”


What do you love most about your job?

I love what I do because of the versatility of what we do every day.  We get involved in boardroom meetings, site meetings with professionals in a site container, designing systems from the ground up and engaging with everyone from the warehouse managers to chief executive officers.  Our team has a culture of drive and do and working with them on a daily basis is what energizes me to achieve more.” 


Why should your clients choose you over someone else in your industry?

The team is young and dynamic.  We still strive for perfection and for creating relationships that will last past the initial installation and delivery dates.  Our core focus is to maintain the sites for years to come and to never leave the client concerned about future support.  Our industry peers are concerned about the big numbers and chasing the next opportunity.  Ushaka Security & Fire Projects would rather complete the initial request completely before chasing future opportunities.”

What has been your biggest lesson in business?

Managing cash flow, managing people, managing myself.  I am still learning and not perfect, but consistency has become the objective for my every day.”


What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started out?

“Don’t ever take anything for granted.  The good days and the bad days are worse.  Approach each day as if it’s the last day, don’t take anything for granted.”


Where do you want to see your business go in the next few years?

“Create offices and teams across all provinces. “


What have been some of your biggest achievements and why?

“My daughter for sure, she’s been the bravest and wisest voice to any reason.  She’s my why and I do what I do every day for her.

Growing the business from day 1 – year 7.  May it continue to prosper.”



About the Photographer

Tamryn is an international award winning photographer who specialises in personal branding portraits. Her passion lies in helping educate and empower business owners to the value of portraits and showing their faces online. And she helps them do this with confidence by guiding business owners through the most empowering, intentional and fun portrait sessions.

Her favourite clients are those who have never seen an incredible portrait of themselves. Or those who hate being photographed and protest that they are not photogenic.

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