Bella Dame’s Personal Branding Pet Portraits

Let me just start with saying that photographing Bella Dame’s Personal Branding Pet Portraits & this day was like a dream come true. I LOVE dogs! And I LOVE photography. And getting the opportunity to spend a day photographing the most cuddly lovable and precious pups was amazing. More than amazing!


So meet the Bella Dame crew. Hang on. “Crew” isn’t the right word. I feel like anyone who is part of a crew actually works. These little balls of love don’t work. They just be cute, give and receive endless amounts of love and have their human slaves wait on them hand and foot (paw and paw?). Gosh they are so precious.


But what is Bella Dame French Bulldogs all about and who are they:

“A family-passion turned into a thriving breeding business. Founded by Danika, with the unwavering support of her parents, Wouter and Rita, our mission is to breed top-quality French Bulldogs with a focus on health, happiness, and exotic colours. Each of our dogs is a testament to our commitment to ethical breeding practices and deep love for this charismatic breed. Our French Bulldogs are more than just pets. They are loving companions, uniquely coloured jewels of the canine world. At Bella Damé, we ensure every puppy is nurtured in a loving environment, setting the foundation for a lifetime of joy and companionship for our customers”


What do you love most about your job?

The profound joy and fulfilment it brings each day. Firstly, it’s the deep connection with the French Bulldog breed. Their unique personalities, affectionate nature, and the sheer diversity of their exotic colours that never cease to amaze me. Each dog has its own character and watching them grow from playful puppies into loving companions is incredibly rewarding.

Secondly, it’s the impact we make on families and individuals. Providing someone with a new family member, a companion who will bring love and joy into their lives, is an indescribable feeling. Seeing the smiles and hearing the stories of how our French Bulldogs have enriched lives is heartwarming.

Furthermore, the art and science of breeding itself are fascinating. It’s a continuous learning journey where we strive to improve the breed’s health and wellbeing, ensuring that each litter is healthier and happier than the last. This responsibility to the breed and our puppies is something I take great pride in.

Lastly, working alongside my parents, Wouter and Rita, adds a layer of personal fulfilment. It’s not just a business; it’s a family passion. Their support and shared love for these dogs make every challenge worthwhile and every success sweeter.

In essence, this job is not just about breeding dogs. It’s about creating joy, fostering companionship, and being a part of a community that values the unconditional love that pets bring into our lives


Why should your clients choose you over someone else in your industry?

Choosing Bella Damé French Bulldogs means opting for a breeder who stands out in the industry for several key reasons:

Passion-Driven Ethical Breeding:

At the heart of Bella Damé is a family-driven passion. Spearheaded by myself, Danika, along with the unwavering support of my parents, Wouter and Rita. This isn’t just a business; it’s a lifelong commitment to the breed. We adhere to the highest ethical breeding standards, ensuring each dog is healthy, happy, and well-socialized.

Focus on Health and Well-being:

We prioritise the health of our French Bulldogs above all else. Our breeding process is meticulous, with a strict regimen to ensure genetic health, regular veterinary check-ups, and a nurturing environment. This commitment to health extends to the detailed care and guidance we provide to our new puppy owners.

Exotic and Unique Colours:

Bella Damé specialises in breeding French Bulldogs with exotic and unique colourations. Setting us apart in the world of canine aesthetics. Our dogs display a range of stunning, rare colours, making them stand out as exceptional companions.

Personalised Customer Experience:

We believe in creating lasting relationships with our clients. From the first inquiry to long after taking their new puppy home, we offer a personalised, supportive experience. This includes detailed care instructions, ongoing advice, and a welcoming community for all Bella Damé French Bulldog owners.

Transparency and Education:

We are committed to transparency in every aspect of our breeding process. Educating potential and current dog owners is a key part of our mission. We openly share insights into our breeding practices, the characteristics of the breed, and general dog care tips.

Lifetime Support and Community:

Joining the Bella Damé family means lifetime support. We provide continuous advice and support for the health and well-being of your French Bulldog. Our community of owners is a testament to the enduring relationships we build with each client.

In choosing Bella Damé French Bulldogs, clients are not just purchasing a pet; they are becoming part of a community that values ethical breeding, exceptional care, and a deep love for this unique breed


What has been your biggest lesson in business?

One of my most significant lessons in establishing Bella Damé French Bulldogs has been learning resilience and the importance of focusing on my goals. Especially as the youngest breeder in South Africa starting at 15. The jealousy and negativity I encountered early on taught me to develop a thick skin and understand that others’ rejections reflect their issues, not mine. This realisation shifted my focus to my aspirations and resilience, greatly supported by my parents, Wouter and Rita, who have been instrumental in guiding and protecting me through these challenges.

“A pivotal experience that solidified my commitment to breeding top-quality, healthy French Bulldogs was dealing with a very ‘reputable’ breeder in the industry. I endured the heartache of acquiring a sickly bred dog, whom I loved dearly. This experience underscored the importance of ethical breeding practices and strengthened my resolve to ensure no one else experiences such pain. It has made me more determined than ever to provide healthy, well-bred companions and uphold the highest standards in our breeding program at Bella Damé.”

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started out?

Navigating Industry Challenges:

I wish I had been more prepared for the competitive and sometimes hostile nature of the breeding industry. Understanding early on that not everyone would welcome or support a young, new breeder would have helped me brace for and navigate these challenges more effectively.

The Emotional Aspect of Breeding:

Breeding is not just a business; it’s an emotional journey. Dealing with the highs and lows, from the joy of new litters to the challenges of health issues, requires a strong emotional foundation. Recognising the emotional investment involved would have better prepared me for the rollercoaster of breeding.

Focus on Your Own Path:

It’s easy to get caught up in what others are doing or saying, especially in a competitive field. I wish I had known the importance of focusing on my own goals and standards, rather than getting sidetracked by comparisons or external opinions.

The Complexity of Ethics in Breeding:

Ethical breeding is nuanced and complex. My experience with a reputed but unethical breeder, which led to the heartache of caring for a sickly dog, was a turning point. This taught me the critical importance of ethics in breeding, something I wish I had a deeper understanding of from the start.

Patience and Perseverance:

Lastly, the value of patience and perseverance cannot be overstated. Building a reputable breeding business takes time, and there are no shortcuts to establishing a name synonymous with quality and ethical practices.


In hindsight, these insights would have been incredibly beneficial. However, each lesson learned through experience has been instrumental in shaping Bella Damé French Bulldogs into a breeding business that stands for quality, health, and ethical responsibility

Where do you want to see your business go in the next few years?

I envision Bella Damé French Bulldogs not just as a breeding business, but as a beacon of ethical practices, quality, and love for the French Bulldog breed. My goal is to make a positive, lasting impact in the breeding world. And to be a role model for responsible and compassionate breeding in South Africa and beyond.


Has there been anyone (such as a role model) in your life who has made a big impact on who you are today? Who? And how?

My journey and who I am today have been profoundly influenced by my parents, Wouter and Rita. Their impact on my life and my path as a breeder of French Bulldogs has been immeasurable.

Firstly, their unwavering support and belief in my vision. Even from the young age of 15 when I started, gave me the courage to pursue my passion in a challenging industry. They taught me the value of hard work, resilience, and dedication, which have been cornerstones in establishing Bella Damé French Bulldogs.

Their guidance has been invaluable. Not just in the practical aspects of running a breeding business, but in navigating the emotional and ethical complexities of breeding. They instilled in me the importance of ethical practices, animal welfare, and the responsibility we hold as breeders.

Moreover, their role in helping me develop a thick skin against industry challenges and negativity has been crucial. They’ve been my sounding boards, offering wisdom and perspective during difficult times, helping me turn challenges into opportunities for growth and learning.

Beyond the business, they have shaped my character. Their examples of compassion, integrity, and kindness have moulded me into not just a better breeder, but a better person. They’ve shown me the importance of treating every living being with respect and love, which is at the heart of how we care for our French Bulldogs.

In essence, Wouter and Rita haven’t just influenced my professional path. They’ve been integral in shaping my values, my approach to life, and the way I conduct business. Their impact is evident in every aspect of Bella Damé French Bulldogs and in the person I am today


Who would benefit the most from following you on social media?

Bella Damé French Bulldogs’ social media channels are ideal for:

  • French Bulldog Enthusiasts and Prospective Owners: Offering insights, tips, and breed-specific information.
  • Current Pet Owners: Providing guidance on pet care, health, and nutrition.
  • Aspiring and Ethical Breeders: Sharing knowledge about ethical breeding and animal welfare.
  • Animal Welfare Advocates: Highlighting our commitment to responsible breeding and dog wellbeing.
  • Community Members: Creating a space for dog lovers to connect and share their experiences.
  • Veterinary and Animal Science Students/Educators: Delivering educational content on breeding and animal health.
  • Our social media is a valuable resource for anyone interested in French Bulldogs, ethical breeding, and pet care



Meet Danika, the face behind the brand. 

This very young lady is actually just incredible. When I first met her she came across as more reserved and quiet. But on the day of the portrait session, and after spending more time with her. And more so seeing her relax as she spent her time with the dogs. I got to see another side of her. And slowly she opened up to me, and holy smokes this chick knows a lot about dogs and breeding. If I’m 100% honest, I have to admit that I wasn’t convinced that this business what all Danika’s doing. But the more I spoke to her and the more I asked her questions the more blown away I was. 

I am very pro dog adoption. Like very very pro adoption. But being able to spend this time and learn from Danika was a privilege. And a relief. To know that their are breeders who really care puts my mind at ease. And I can only hope that individuals who seek pure bred dogs, do their homework and go to ethical establishments, like Bella Dame!

Are you looking to have your own personal branding portrait session? 

I would love to help you! 

All my clients are very normal human beings. All with the same, or at least very similar fears of being in front of the camera as you. I know how uncomfortable it is to stand in front of the lens. But that is exactly why I am here to help you! I hold your hand and guide you every step of the way. 

So the only big brave scary thing you have to do on your own is reach out – and there after, I’m with you every step of the way. 

Be brave – and I’d love to help you!

Personal Branding Photograher

Hi, I am Tamryn! I love helping business owners (especially those of you who hate being photographed) show up in your brand and in your marketing. And I love giving you the most incredible portrait experience, showing you that being photographed can be fun – and me an incredibly empowering experience. And ultimately leaving you with photos of yourself that you LOVE! And if you just read that last sentence and thought anything along the lines of “yeah sure, good luck with that” then you are the person I can help most. And the best gift you can give to yourself, is to come in for a portrait session with me!

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