Ryoo’s Matric Dance
I have photographed Ryoo before, but I was super excited to be the one to photograph Ryoo’s matric dance. This girl is amazing. She is bold and daring and I was super excited to see what she would do for her matric dance. And of course she went all out. As with many of my matric dance clients, I started off by photographing Ryoo, her matric dance date and her family. And then I also went along to her pre-drinks. I love getting a good collection of photos with family – I know the matric’s wont find these as valuable now, but these are the photos that are going to last them their lifetime. And hopefully beyond when they get passed down to future generations. But incredible photos with their friends are just as important. And I like to make sure that we take the few extra minutes to make sure we get photos with everyone important to the matriculant.

These amazing people

So, I really don’t now if this is a generational thing or what, because I’ve seen this at most of the matric dances I’ve photographed in the last couple years. But these girls are all amazing. They are so supportive of each other and so up lifting. It’s really incredible to watch and capture. As Ryoo walked into the pre-drinks party you just heard everyone gasp. And the gasps were followed by exclamations of surprise at how she even dyed her hair for the dance. At how they thought she would wear a different colour dress, etc. But most of all, I heard the other girls gushing at how amazing Ryoo looked. This went on throughout the whole pre-drinks. Every time one of the matrics arrived everyone would rush up and excitedly praise the new comer for looking so incredible. And then excitedly whisk them off to be shown around so that everyone else could also gush over them.

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