Rachael’s Matric Dance Photos

Is this girl not just absolutely stunning?

And her personality is just as gorgeous. I have photographed Rachael on a few different occasions now. And it never ceases to amaze me how kind and caring she is.

Rachael’s Matric Dance Photos

Rach is also a runner! And a few weeks before her matric dance I bumped into her on a morning run, and we got chatting about her photos. If I’m entirely honest here, I will tell you, that I was just asking her as many questions as possible. I figured if she had to talk it might slow her down. And if she was talking I couldn’t be talking so maybe I’d be able to breathe. It didn’t really work, I still nearly died on that run!

But while Rach was chatting and I was trying to keep up she mentioned wanting to do her shoot in the street. As I said, I have photographed her on a few different occasions now. But those occasions were always at her home. So, totally understandably, she wanted something a bit different. And the trees around their house are BEAUTIFUL! So dear lovely Janine did some street scouting before the shoot. What a frikken legend! And found a stunning street that is quiet and stunning.

And so we hit the streets for Rach’s pics! How stunning is this light?

Also side note to the guy who looked like he just woke up, stepped out his front door to collect his uber eats, looked up to see a stunning girl in a stunning dress standing in his street, pinched himself and hurriedly stumbled back inside – you weren’t dreaming! And thanks for the giggle!

Are you having your matric dance soon and are looking for someone to take your photos. Get in touch and let’s see if I can help you!

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