Family Shoots, Portraiture / 28 Mar 2022
Sarah’s Family Portrait Session

Sarah’s family portrait session turned into a bit of a wilder ride than we anticipated. Sarah reached out to me wanting family photos done before the family was to emigrate. This left us with quite a tight deadline. On top of that, their work life was a bit crazy. That left us with very limited time to squeeze in a family portrait session. But come hell or high water (or pouring down water in this case) we were going to get them their family pics!

Sunny now, raining in a minute?

The day of their photo session arrives and it’s a beautiful sunny day. But the weather app predicts rain. Of course we all know that when the weather app predicts rain we are in luck. With them being wrong 90% of the time, there is a good chance we will actually have sun! A few hours before their session, when the weather app said it would be sunny, the heavens open. It absolutely pours. So Sarah and I start chatting about our back up plan, all while still holding out that the rain might stop. And would you believe it, the rain stops.

We decide to go ahead as planned with the family portrait session outdoors at Delta Park. The sun is out and if it wasn’t for the rivers flowing down the roads, you would never have guessed it was pouring a short while before hand. The family start to arrive for the session and I so desperately want to take them to all the super amazing spots all over the park. But I decide to stick as close to the cars as possible.

  1. Granny is just the tiniest bit unsteady walking around on the uneven ground
  2. The rain came and went so fast, I don’t trust that the same thing wont happen again

Parking lot photo sessions… almost

So we start with Sarah’s family portrait session. Pretty much right in the parking lot. Sarah and her husband along with their daughter are the first to arrive. I start photographing them. And I’m so very pleased we decided to go ahead with the shoot on this day. The beautiful warm golden light is stunning. We outdoors in sunny South Africa. And I think to myself, these are the perfect pictures for the family to have hanging in their new home in Ireland. Cold, wet, and dark (but beautiful) Ireland. And as I am photographing these beautiful humans, in the beautiful light, in a beautiful park in our absolutely beautiful country, I hear a rumble. And I see some very dark clouds in the distance.

At the same time the rest of the family arrives. Sarah’s brother and his family, and Sarah’s mom and step dad. I speed through greeting everyone and get right to business. How I saw it was, I could mission through the standard family shots. Then if it rains at least we have what we came for. If the rain decides to hold off, I can continue with my usual strategy – which is get the standard shots in between getting carried away and take a million more of everything else the family could possibly want and need. Luck was not on my side this day. As we were finishing up on the last few ‘standard’ photos, I felt a rain drop. And as we re-shuffled people to capture a few more photos, I felt a few more rain drops.

Dodging the rain just in time!

Since we had all the photos that the family knew they wanted and needed, we decided at this point to call it and head back to our cars. My heart broke a bit at this point – I definitely didn’t have all the photos I wanted. Yes, I had what was needed, but not everything else. The fun photos. The more creative photos. But in the time it took us to help granny change out of her heels and back into her flats, the rain had already started to fall harder. And by the time we made it to the cars – which were right behind us – it was raining. We all said a rushed goodbye and ducked into our cars. And before I could even turn on my car and drive away – it was bucketing down.

Sarah & family – I know we got the photos you wanted and needed – but I still want sunny beautiful creative photos of you and your family – for you and your family . I’m not done with you yet 😉 I’ll be waiting for your next family photo session when you are all next in South Africa again ;)!

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