Personal Branding / 11 Oct 2021
Lisa’s Personal Branding Shoot

Lisa’s personal branding shoot started like almost all my other personal branding shoots. By getting her hair and make up done.

Since Lisa doesn’t often wear make up we recommended she go for a more natural look for this shoot. Which she did. My make up artists and I agree, make up should be used to enhance ones natural beauty. It’s not there to change ones appearance.

Lisa is a very chilled and laid back person. But she works in the world of finance and knows that a good profile picture across the various professional platforms goes a long way.

Before I started taking Lisa’s photographs Lisa mentioned to me how nervous she was. Excited, but nervous. This is the case with almost all my clients. And I totally understand it – most people don’t know how to pose. Or how to connect with a camera. Or what expression to have. Where to put their hands. Basically standing for a picture is pretty intimidating, especially since most people have never seen a picture of themselves that they absolutely love. Well, the good news is that this really isn’t something you need to be worrying about. I understand that you don’t do this everyday and that, chances are, you don’t know what you are doing. But luckily for you, I do!  All those little things are for me to worry about and guide you through each of them, and more. As soon as you stand in front of my camera and get guided step by step you will realise how I take care of everything and you will instantly relax and start having fun. Just like Lisa did.

Make up by Nadya Slaven.

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