Personal Branding / 04 Oct 2021
Sandra’s Personal Branding Shoot
Sandra came into studio a few weeks back for a personal branding shoot to update her professional images. 

She arrived, bubbly personality and all, and was eager to get started with the shoot. Being a Social media marketer Sandra knows full well how important good images are. Sandra had also just started a new job and wanted some great new pictures for her new job.

As per most of my shoots Sandra went off to get her hair and make up done. I spent this time looking at her outfits that we are chosen and planning the shoot. Of course we also had fun chatting and getting to know each other better and I got to find out that Sandra is also a runner, she’s a mum and like most people in marketing really appreciates good pictures. 

Sandra is a lovely, easy going person. She is stunning and although she is very professional, she is also a load of fun. So although we wanted the overall shoot to be formal and professional we also wanted some more fun/formal. 

The Shoot

So we started off with a nice flowery jacket.  We had some fun doing some very formal poses with this more casual outfit. You have to keep in mind Sandra is in marketing although her job is important and very formal she does also need to have a fun side to her, which she does, and we wanted to bring this into her images. 

Shortly after we changed into some more formal clothes and combined this with some very formal looks. Then the real fun began. Once we knew we had the shots that we needed and that Sandra wanted – we had some more fun. We threw in a fan and some more contemporary poses and got a few more Glam style shots which I just love. While they aren’t quite your typical LinkedIn profile pictures, they are still stunning images and definitely suit Sandra – her personality and her career. 

Make up by Taryn.

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