Janice Personal Branding

Janice came to me for personal branding shots for her business.

But, before I tell you all about the shoot, let me tell you a bit more about this fabulous lady. Janice is a real estate agent for Keller Williams, but one like I have never met before. Janice has this tag line “your realtor for life” which I initially thought was just a tag line/slogan. But Janice and I chatted a lot during her shoot. I got to learn a great deal about how much Janice really does take care of her clients. And not just when they are buying or selling, but for life.

Want to know more about Janice, I did too, and this is what I learnt:

How did Janice become an estate agent

Janice was a very successful financial advisor for many years. As the years went by Janice started to see just how much the industry did not align with her values she could not stay in the industry any longer. But Janice still believed in property and so Janice went off to do a property investor course. And then jumped straight into the deep end and became an estate agent. After initially hating the job Janice found a company that suited her better and ended up where she is today, absolutely loving being an agent.

What is Janice’s favourite part of her job?

Janice has two answers for this. First it’s when she sees that someone has found their home, they are excited, and she sees ‘that spark in their eyes’. Janice can envision them moving in, making memories and living their lives in that home with their family. And the second part is the relief that she sees on a sellers face when she tells them that their property has sold, and the fact that she knows she played a part in that relief.

What are some of the strangest things Janice has seen/heard happen while selling a house

Janice once had a show house and ended up having to wash the families dishes and pack away their laundry before the show house! But one of her colleges have had it way worse. They went to do a listing and upon walking into the property they found dog faeces everywhere, including inside the house!

Overall Janice has been blessed with good clients. She often ends up having to be a counsellor to her clients, but enjoys how each property comes with its own weird quirks and stories.

What are Janice’s favourite types of house?

That was an easy one. The ones that are priced right.

What are the first things Janice looks for in a house?

Janice immediately hones in on the things that need to be improved (clean walls, etc) and how the house can be improved (without spending a lot of money) so that the seller can make more money.  However Janice also makes sure that all structural damage is immediately fixed (pool leaks, damp issues etc) before trying to sell the house.

Janice also immediately looks at how they can stage the property.

What does Janice wishes all sellers knew?

Their property is not worth what they think it is. It is only worth what the buyers are prepared to pay in the current market.

Janice also wishes people knew that the changes people make to their home to suit their lifestyle, isn’t going to suit everyone else’s lifestyle and unfortunately that doesn’t always add value to the property. Janice also wishes people would take her expert advise on this information, “Properties sell when sellers listen to us”.

What is something Janice wishes all buyers knew?

Janice sends out buyers tips for all her clients because there is a lot that buyers need to know before they just purchase a property. In fact Janice even does a first time buyers seminar because she has seen how often first time buyers make big mistakes and Janice doesn’t want this to happen to her clients.

What is a fun fact about Janice’s job or industry?

Alcohol = survival. Jokes!

Most of the people going into Janice’s industry don’t make it. Only 5% make it.

What is the biggest/best piece of advise Janice ever received about running her own business?

After reading the book “The One Thing” Janice now does her 20% first thing in the morning. For Janice’s industry, that means all her lead generation work and managing her database. Janice believes in constantly feeding her pipeline, because without doing that, she wont have any stock, and without any stock, one would have no business. So lead generation is a daily practice of Janice’s. And not just finding new clients, but looking after existing clients, because existing clients send new clients. And also because clients generally sell after 7 years and then go back to Janice. So keep in contact with your database!


Well I’m off to buy “The One Thing” and add it to my pile of books to read now! I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about this fabulous lady, and I’m sure you can now see just how much Janice really cares about her buyers and sellers. I can 100% see how Janice becomes “Your Realtor for Life”


The shoot

Janice and I had a good long chat about how she wanted to be photographed, what her brand values are and how she wants her clients to see her. We also spoke about the clothing Janice should wear that ties in with all of the above. We wanted clothes that suited her personality and her brand.

On the day of the shoot Janice quickly showed me her clothing and then went straight to make up. We had a lovely long chat while her make up was getting done, and even before she stepped in front of my camera I could see Janice was more relaxed than when she arrived.

Janice is an absolute sweetheart and a genuinely nice human being! It would be hard for me to not take incredible pictures of such an incredible human.

A few days later Janice came back to my studio for her reveal – a full wall of printed pictures of this beautiful lady!


To hear more about how Janice found the shoot, watch the video below.



Photography by Tamryn Lowe

Make up by Glammed Up by Jessica Addinell


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  1. Jeni Mower

    17 Sep 2021 - 1:32 PM

    I saw these pictures and I know Janice really well. They really captured her essence and personality to the T. I love seeing her use them because she glows in them and she is stunning as a person in every way. Well done to all involved!

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