Portraiture / 31 Mar 2016
Ashton & Andrew’s Couple Shoot

Why we choose our location

We did Ashton & Andrew’s Couple Shoot at Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens – here’s why:

Walter Sisulu Gardens have this spectacular waterfall at the one end of them. But you have to walk through quite a bit of the gardens to get there. The first time Andrew took Ashton to these gardens she couldn’t understand why he was coming up with every excuse in the book about why she couldn’t go wonder around and have a look at everything. But Andrew was on a mission. He was planning on taking her to the waterfall to propose to her.




He successfully managed to march Ashton through the gardens without her wondering around too much. Unfortunately though, when he got to the waterfall there was a bunch of school kids there. Of course he couldn’t now propose there and so he had to make some quick adjustments to his plan. He found a little side path near the waterfall where there were no kids and a little bit more privacy and got down on one knee and proposed to Ashton under a tree. Of course for the photo shoot I insisted they got a photo under what will now, in my books, become Ashton and Andrew’s tree.



Since there were lots of happy tears and excitement, Ashton never got the chance to go look around the gardens. So we decided to do Ashton & Andrew’s couple shoot in the gardens. It’s a great spot for photos and this would give Ashton a chance to have a look around. And because now of course these gardens were a little more special to Ashton and Andrew.



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