Portraiture / 10 Dec 2015
Tamaryn Moss

So this post is a sort of two in one… A few month back I went to Moss’s house to shoot her cats – however what was planned and what happened were two completely different things. The plan was to have Tamaryn with all her cats, all 13 of them and sort of dress her up in old clothes and go along the themes of a old single cat lady with her sitting on her worn couch surrounded by all her cats. However, much to my horror that was not possible. I arrived at her house, moved all her lounge furniture out her lounge and set up my backdrop, lights and camera… This appeared to terrify all but three cats – so much so that we pretty much only saw those three cats the entire day. These three cats were quite the opposite of terrified, they seem to have thought that the backdrop was a new toy brought in for them! It started out as casually sleeping on it, but later turned in to all sorts of games on it, being encouraged by us along the way of course!

TamrynLowe-233 TamrynLowe-234

TamrynLowe-235 TamrynLowe-236 TamrynLowe-238 TamrynLowe-239 TamrynLowe-240 TamrynLowe-241 TamrynLowe-242 TamrynLowe-243 TamrynLowe-244 TamrynLowe-245 TamrynLowe-246 TamrynLowe-247 TamrynLowe-248


TamrynLowe-250 TamrynLowe-251 TamrynLowe-252 TamrynLowe-253 TamrynLowe-254

A few days ago I went back to Tamaryn’s house – her one horse had just had a foal and after our previous shoot consisting mainly of shooting cats and almost having no time to photograph her with her horses I thought it only right that I go back and photograph the horses too – though thinking now, if I went back just to be fair to the horses it means I should go back again and photograph all the dogs too – she has far too many pets!!
I arrive and am introduced to the gorgeous Prince of Sunshine – however, the shy foal I was expecting to meet was not quite a shy foal. Prince of Sunshine was a tiny terror!! I dont think he has a shy bone in his body and biting seems to be his favourite game, a non stop game!
Another problem that arose, was to do with his incredible curiosity! He didn’t hide away from me, but instead came running at me to investigate what I was doing every time he spotted me!
So in the end I ended up hiding in one of the dark stables where he wouldn’t spot me and photographing from a safe distance – this seemed to work quite well!
TamrynLowe-275 TamrynLowe-273 TamrynLowe-272
We even ended up photographing the rest of the horses in this spot.
TamrynLowe-278 TamrynLowe-277 TamrynLowe-276
The only problem with hiding in the stable was the poor dog. He kept popping his head around the corner and standing in my way, but looking so genuinely worried about this person sitting in the smelly, dark stable that I really couldn’t shout at him for getting in the way – even though he seemed to check in on me no less than every 5 minutes!
 did try calling him to come sit with me, however it would appear sitting in a dirty, dark stable was below him and he didn’t even seem to consider the invitation.
TamrynLowe-264 TamrynLowe-269 TamrynLowe-268 TamrynLowe-266

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