Portraiture / 22 Dec 2015
From the time I’ve moved to jhb I’ve hated shooting at this location, and not because it’s not a stunning venue – it truely is absolutely beautiful – I just seemed to have an issue with it. I needed to sort this out! So I managed to convince my cousin to allow me to do a photoshoot with her πŸ˜€
It took quite some convincing but once we started she got quite into it and started to enjoy herself. Unfortunately she is a kid, so even though I was having tons of fun and could have carried on shooting for forever, she got very bored and I had to transform myself into an entertainer as well as a photographer – not the easiest thing!
We had loads of fun though, and she of course found it especially funny when we mis-timed the sprinklers and instead of missing them all we got caught by every single one! Somehow having her cousin lie in a flower bed and get covered in mud also seemed quite entertaining to her – Β and since most of the flowers that we shot around were at about knee height, I spent 90% of the shoot on the floor trying to get the perfect shot.
So although I got drenched, covered in mud and was even stiff the next day, I absolutely loved this shoot! And I can safely say that I now love this venue! Looking forward to many more fun shoots here πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
TamrynLowe-325 TamrynLowe-326 TamrynLowe-328 TamrynLowe-329 TamrynLowe-330 TamrynLowe-331 TamrynLowe-332 TamrynLowe-333

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