Portraiture / 10 Dec 2015

I left home and there was sunshine, but on the way there I could see huge storm clouds in the distance, in the direction I was heading. As I got nearer the stables I got more and more concerned. The clouds were close! Very close! We had been planning to do this shoot for quite awhile, so neither of us were ready to call off the shoot just yet. We sorted out the horse as fast as possible and then moved out into the field opposite the stables. We plead around for quite some time there before the storm just got too close. We decided to go back into the stable yard and try do a few shots before the storm hit.



TamrynLowe-217 TamrynLowe-219 TamrynLowe-220 TamrynLowe-221 TamrynLowe-222


TamrynLowe-224 TamrynLowe-225 TamrynLowe-226

We only managed to go to one spot and shoot a few very quick photos before the wind picked up and a few drops of rain started to come down.



By the time the Berry was put away the wind was absolutely howling! But it wasn’t pouring just yet and I still wanted to shoot some more! We found a little garden area that was quite sheltered from the wind and we quickly did a few shots before jumping in our cars as the rain came down.

TamrynLowe-232 TamrynLowe-231 TamrynLowe-230

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