Ashleigh’s Matric Dance

Didn’t Ashleigh just look absolutely incredible for her matric dance?

I got to Ashleigh a bit early. We quickly did some individual photos of her before her partner, friends, and their families arrived for pre-drinks.

Ashleigh wasn’t too keen on having thousands of photos taken. So we chose 2-3 spots, and took a few quick photos. There are of course always a few photos we absolutely have to take. Especially those with family. But once I have those, I like to find out what they want to do. In this case I would have loved to carry on photographing gorgeous Ash for a gazillion hours. But it was important for her to spend time with her friends. And so I made sure I was there for her when she wanted photos, but that she also got to enjoy her matric dance pre-drinks how she wanted to.

One of the coolest things about Ashleigh’s matric dance pre-drinks was the film cameras that were there! Yeah, film cameras! It was amazing. One student had an old polaroid with some old instant film inside. So you never quite knew what the photo would come out like. A few of them had some damage, but they were super cool! And so unique! Another kid had an old 35mm film camera. And it was quite hilarious seeing everyone panic as he was putting the film into his camera and pulled out a small piece to pull across and attach to the teeth.

What to do with matric dance photos?

Ash now has a whole range of option on what she can do with all these lovely photos. One of my absolute favourites is to get an album custom designed and printed. But she could also frames her photos and create beautiful pieces of wall art. Or get me to help her put together a folio box where she can rotate the photo she has on display.


Looking for a matric dance photographer?

Are you looking for someone to photograph your matric dance, just like Ashleigh’s matric dance? Get in touch and let’s chat about what photos you want from your day.

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