Animal Shoots, Dog Shoot / 07 Jul 2022
Lily, Nadina, Becky & Allegra’s Pet Portraits

I met up with Christa & Ollie for Lily, Nadina, Becky & Allegra’s pet portraits. These are 4 of the sweetest dogs!

I always absolutely love my pet portrait sessions. You never quite know what you are going to get. And usually when I hear the session is for 4 dogs, I add some extra time onto the session expecting the session to take significantly longer. It was no different when I booked these guys into my calendar. But then Christa and Ollie arrived and their beautiful dogs all spilled out the car, and instantly they were angels.

These four were just the calmest and most relaxed dogs.

But something I want to point out and note for you guys is that these 4 were on leads the entire time. (Thanks Photoshop!) If your dog isn’t social, or you are worried he will run away, or whatever reason you have to keep them on a lead, it is 100% ok with me! And it really does not mean that you can’t get incredible pictures. I have all sorts of tricks to help hide their leads ;).

There are also other options for your dogs. These guys knew their dogs would be ok on lead in a park. But we aren’t all so lucky. But then we can make another plan:

  • Do the session at your home
  • Hire a private pet park for the session
  • Use a private venue
  • Or even do a studio portrait session

I also want to just put your minds at ease if you have a dog that isn’t entirely human friendly. These lovely doggos in these pictures were super friendly with me, but I’ve photographed dogs that haven’t been. And that’s also ok! (To an extent, I’d like to leave with all my limbs still attached).

But if your dogs are a bit anxious around people, then we plan and structure your session that it has extra time before hand so your dog(s) have the opportunity to get comfortable with me first.

I’ve said this before, but it’s super important to me. Your dogs need to be comfortable and happy during their portrait session. That is my main priority. If we need to go to a quiet or exclusive venue for that to happen, then we plan that. If your dogs need more time to get comfortable with me around, and having a camera pointed at them, then we plan that!

And if you have any other concerns that I haven’t covered here – reach out. Let’s chat!

I do also have a bunch of info & tips on my Instagram page (not just about pet portraits) – hop on over there and go check it out.

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