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Kementha & Yegin’s Wedding

Kementha & Yegin’s Wedding has to be one of my favorite weddings!

Getting locked out of rooms. Finishing ceremonies before being allowed to get on golf course. Getting locked in (sort of) of the pool area! What a fun wedding!

 I always find it so hard to only write a small bit about each wedding. Considering I spend an average of 12 hours at any wedding and weddings are known to be hugely stressful for those involved it’s no doubt I walk away with many good stories from each wedding.

This wedding the excitement started before Kementha had even managed to get down the aisle!

Kementha is a brilliantly organized human being. She had planned her hair and make up timing perfectly to allow time for bridal portraits. Unfortunately the bridesmaids got caught up in the excitement and ended up getting left behind, just slightly.
Kementha and her two maids of honor were ready on time. So I decided to take them just outside and start their photos while the others got ready. They could then join us afterwards. So off we went and started shooting away.
After having taken a number of photos we started to worry about where the brides maids were. By now we were getting close to time to start heading up to the chapel. So we decided we would have to do the photos of the bride with her brides maids after the ceremony.
Off we headed back to the room to get the rest of the goods we needed. As we walked up the stairs I instantly realized that things were very quiet! Knock on the hotel door and there is no answer. We knock a bit harder, but still there is no answer! There is no one inside. And we were locked out! We run down the passages to go find some hotel staff to send to the room to let the bride in and I start heading on up to the chapel.
I head on out the front door and hear a whole lot of laughter coming out of one of the cars parked ready to take the bride and her party up to the chapel. I stick my around to peep in the window, only to find the missing bridesmaids in fits of giggles in the car.  Blissfully unaware of the drama they have caused through some terrible miscommunication. Thank goodness for a brilliantly run hotel allowing Kementha to easily get back into her room!

The Ceremony

Kementha & Yegins Wedding ceremony went by beautifully, the ‘I do”s were said, rings exchanged and the kiss to seal the deal done just right to leave many smiles and many wet eyes in the room!

But then we hit our next mini hurdle of the day.

The Fairway Hotel. That was the wedding venues name. Now, if you know nothing about golf or didn’t make the connection, the hotel is on a golf course, hence the name. The golf course is stunning. Absolutely beautiful! I don’t know what it is about gold courses, but I always just want to go sit in the middle of one and have a picnic. I’m not too sure golfers would approve of that though…
But anyway, we finished up the ceremony and headed off down to the fairway hotel.  We got onto the putting green right in front of the hotel. We had been told we were allowed to take photos on this spot until a little bit later. Later we would be given free rein over the entire golf course. So off I went and took photos and carried on taking photos, but then I started needing to move onto to the more beautiful places in the area we weren’t technically allowed yet.

Flying golf balls on a golf course… who would have guessed… 

So off we go out onto the golf course. I check that there is no one hitting close by. And just incase I pose the couple in the wooded area. Aren’t golfers supposed to avoid hitting the ball into the wooded area? Well clearly someone on the golf course knows less about golf than me. Next thing we know we hear a golf ball flying through the air and its getting closer and closer. I can see the golfer, and I can see that Kementha & Yegin are directly behind a tree, so the ball wont hit them. But I am out in the open. I could run to the woods, but I’d rather spot the ball and make 110% sure the ball wont hit my couple. I make sure my cameras are behind me and wont get hit. Then I try spot the ball. “Plooop” the ball lands – just in the wood – right between my couple and me! 

The Reception

We survive the couple shoot, and bonus, we walk away without any injuries from flying golf balls! Speeches, cake cutting, eating, father daughter dance, etc all go well and it is finally time for the night shoot. 

The Night Shoot 

My favorite part of any wedding!
The night shoot is always loads of fun and and often involves something crazy happening. For Kementha & Yegin’s Wedding I had decided to do the night shoot over the swimming pool with part of the hotel in the background. The rest of the hotel wrapped around the pool, making getting to the pool possible only if you have a room key, which I didn’t.
Before I had gone down to the pool I had chatted to some of the brides maids and groomsmen to be my subjects just for a few shots. I like to get the shots 100% set up before calling my couple down. So off I went, with my recruited models somewhere behind me.
When I realize I had to have a key card to get to the pool I marched off to the front desk and kindly got helped by one of the staff and got let into the pool area, but then the guy left! And my newly recruited models were MIA!
It was freezing cold, but I was stuck in the pool area! There was an electronic door that opened to let me out of the pool area, but then I would have to go find a staff member to let me back in.
Eventually my missing models arrived, and only one was brave enough to face the cold! I did my few test shots, got all the flashes ready and sent for the bride and groom. And again I was left locked in the pool area able but unable to leave!


Venue: The Fairway Hotel

Decor: CS Events

Hair: Hair 121 (011 706 3659)

Make Up: Makeup By Cleo 

Dress: Lydia (072 248 9410)

Videographer: First Kiss

DJ: High Energy Productions

Cake: Frosting Bakery 

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