Portraiture / 06 Jan 2016
Donna & Greg’s Couple Shoot

This couple!

I don’t even know where to begin with Donna & Greg’s Couple Shoot. I try not to get favourites, but somehow some couples just sneak into a special spot in my heart. I just can’t help but be slightly bias towards them. This was one of those couples. They met in school and dated ever since. They are married with two kids. And yet the love they have for each other and the chemistry between them is just mind blowing.

TamrynLowe-1 TamrynLowe-2

Natural Models

Donna & Greg were such a pleasure to photograph. They are completely comfortable with each other, but more importantly, they are completely comfortable in front of the camera. I would give them an instruction on how to pose. Allow them to interpret the pose how they wanted and how it felt best for them. And then made some quick and minor adjustments, but with the couple still responding to each other. If I asked Greg to give her a hug, he would. Donna would lean in, and give a soft smile. They completely lived in the moment feeling the love and enjoyed the moment. This allowined me to capture them being as natural as one possibly can while knowingly having photos taken.

TamrynLowe-3 TamrynLowe-5TamrynLowe-4

I have a series of these last few photos and they have to be some of my favourite photos ever taken. Donna & Greg couldn’t stop giggling and they were just the absolute cutest couple ever!


TamrynLowe-7 TamrynLowe-10


Venue: Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens

Couple: Donna & Greg from Donna’s Fitness

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