Portraiture / 06 Jan 2016
Ashleigh’s Personal Portraits

Ashleigh’s Personal Portraits

This girl has to be one of my very favourite people on earth. I have watched her grow up since she was a very young girl. Yet she somehow always seems to completely amaze me. She used to be a very serious dancer. As a result she has great elegance, and grace in everything she does.

We decided to do Ashleigh’s Personal Portraits in an estate because we wanted to play and experiment with light without having to worry about safety. Since it was close to midday we were limited to places we could do amazing shots, but neither of us were going to let a little (lot) of heat and non-ideal light stop us. So off we went to find one of the parks. This park was stunning, it had an amazing jungle gym area as well as a dam and it was ideal.

Keeping my model engaged

I knew from a previous shoot with Ash that she gets bored with a shoot quite quickly. You have to keep things interesting to keep her engaged and interested. So we made sure we moved around quite a bit. This gave us time to chat as we moved and then do some quick photos and get back to some chatting.

Playing Dodge em’

These road shots were hilarious. I posed her in the road. Turned to run to get to my spot to take the pic and we saw a car coming. So we both run to the one shady spot under a tree on the side of the road to wait for it to pass. We were just about to run out into the street for our second attempt at the shot, and we saw the next car coming. This went on for quite some time, only allowing us a few seconds to get the shot between cars.

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