Travel / 07 Dec 2015
Stars … And a farm house
I have been dying to try shoot some stars for quite awhile now, but somehow never seem to get around to it. So this night I was out staying on a farm far away from the city and all its lights, and finally I decided to try photograph the stars! 😀 😀 😀
…. One big problem though… If you look at the image of the farm house, that big bright thing on the left of the image is the big bright darn full very bright moon!!! 🙁
So up comes the moon, and down goes my spirits… but now quite enough to convince me to give up, so off we go exploring (not quite the farmer knew exactly where the windmill was… but exploring really does make it sound more exciting).
Here we sitting in the middle of no where on this ginormous farm in the middle of the night (slight exaggeration, it wasn’t quite the middle of the night), I start photographing the windmill and the stars and after a photo or too I get a bit frustrated… Theres something missing in my photos, so I start jokingly complaining to the farmer about why his windmill isn’t turning for me and pretend to cast a spell on it to make it turn… it started turning!!! Freakiest thing ever: farm, middle of no where, full moon, cast a spell and it works!!! It was awesome!
Definitely planning on going back when there is no moon to retry and get some insane shots!! 😀 😀

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