Travel / 07 Dec 2015
Saddle & Trout

My dad is part of some holiday club thing, where every year you get points that you can use to go on holiday. But my dad never really goes on holiday and he always sends my sister or I :D. We are a bit of a crazy family as once we find an amazing place to go on holiday, we tend to keep going back. This year I decided I wanted to go somewhere new. It was right after a large shoot I had done that needed loads of work, so I didn’t really have time to drive somewhere far. I had to go to Durban for a shoot, so I decided to try find a place close to the road that I would have to take on the way home. Saddle and Trout was the perfect choice. It was just a little way off the highway, but far enough away to make you feel like you were in the middle of no where. It was ideal.

The first few days there were miserable! It rained the whole time and the mist was so bad I could hardly even see any view. It worked out well though, as I had to sit and work the entire time. I got up to date with my work, and then my sister and a friend of hers decided to drive up and join me. They brought along some amazing weather.

The afternoon they arrived I got to go for my first walk around the place.

TamrynLowe-138 TamrynLowe-140 TamrynLowe-139 TamrynLowe-141 TamrynLowe-142

The next day we decided to go and do a little bit more exploring. We walked down to the bottom of the resort and out onto a road that ran along at the bottom. It was still quite early and we decided to extend our exploring a little more on the other side of the road where we could see a dried up dam. We got to the dam and found a old rusted out car that looked like it must have been driven into the dam and spent some time there rusting away. We went to check it out and ended up having a mini photoshoot with this little car.

TamrynLowe-144 TamrynLowe-149 TamrynLowe-148 TamrynLowe-147 TamrynLowe-146 TamrynLowe-145


I have to mention the chicken schnitzel that we ate here! It was the worlds best chicken schnitzel I have ever eaten! It was insanely amazing!

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