Matric Dance Shoots / 07 Dec 2015
Scottburgh High School Matric Dance

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So a little insight to my crazy life: The day before this, was the KHS matric dance. Which was 7 hours away. So I photographed the couples in Krugersdorp, then went straight home, backed up the photos, packed my car and left for Durban. I got to Durban just in time to go to a meeting with a client. From there I missioned the last hour drive to get home and went straight to bed for a few short hours. Very short hours. I then had to go to the school to set up for this shoot, because I had to do Amber and Clarkes shoot just before the official arrival time of the dance. So I set up at the school, rushed through to Ambers shoot, did her shoot and then rushed back to the school to do the posed portraits. I loved it. It’s super crazy, but the more hectic my life is, the more fun I find out. I loved this mad rush. It didn’t stop there, because I had to edit Amber and Clarkes shoot and the whole arrival shoot for the school before I left in a few days. I also couldn’t leave the Krugersdorp High kids waiting to long, so those also had to be edited and delivered as soon as I arrived back in Joburg.
I really enjoy doing matric dance shoots. Its very similar to weddings in the sense that girls get to dress up and feel all pretty. Taking amazing pictures of them then just adds to the whole experience. And I truly believe that it is super important for girls to feel good and beautiful on both these days. It just adds a little confidence and self esteem, which is so so so important when trying to be a success in life.
Unfortunately it rained for these poor people on their matric dance date. It poured and the poor people had to rush inside to avoid being soaked. It then messed up my system a bit because the plan was to have people slowly enter the greeting area and as they walk through the door, step to the side and get their photo taken. So when everyone was in a rush to get inside they either walked right past without really seeing the photo area, or there was such a crowd at the door that they didn’t want to have to wait for their photos. But I think, between myself and my amazing assistant we managed to hunt down everyone and make sure they all had their photos taken.

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