Matric Dance Shoots / 06 Dec 2015
Amber & Clarke Maric Dance



I spent about two years growing up with Amber. I used to date her cousin, and since the family was very close, I became very close to Amber. She is absolutely stunning and such an amazing person to photograph. Her mom used to be a model and they are both very into beauty and make up. All of this helped me greatly when it came to taking photos. They know how small details can make or break a photo and they are just as aware of small important things as I am.


TamrynLowe-24 TamrynLowe-25

Their house is absolutely stunning and has the most incredible views. I had a whole ton of amazing poses planned and spots where to photograph them… Then on the day it rained! 🙁 So not only was the light not amazing, but shooting outside was completely out of the question. We decided (without much choice) to do the shoot indoors… Luckily they have a beautiful garden in the middle of their lounge so even though the shoot was down indoors we still managed to get some more natural styled shots.

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