Travel / 07 Dec 2015


When we were still considering moving to the coast everyone warned us that living on the coast is very different to going on holiday there. They told us you start to get fussy about the days you go to the beach and you don’t appreciate it as much anymore. I thought they were crazy. But unfortunately its the truth. Its the same with when you have this view in front of you every day you end up overlooking its beauty. I never really considered just going to the beach to photograph the beach, but after living in joburg and missing the beach so much I craved photographing the sea so I could have something from home with me in Joburg. So off I went to the beach, just to take some pictures of the sea. It had recently flooded so there was a lot of debris on the beach. It was stunning. I loved this washed up branch and how amazingly it worked in my photo.
Im so glad I went down that day to take some pics. I still come back to these photos on quite a regular basis when I’m just missing home and need a reminder of the beauty of home.

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